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some observations since 2013

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some observations since 2013

The HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS Program is working

The HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS Program is working

15% of ventures participating fostered their successful funding and business partnerships here. Come back for more!

Europe is growing its innovation landscape and „BUBBLES“ are the least of our problems:

Europe is growing its innovation landscape and „BUBBLES“ are the least of our problems

We saw an increase of more than 70% in exit-volume by tech ventures in 2015, and it is still an early-exit market, both in terms of time to exit and valuation. As the European venture capital scene develops rapidly, valuations remain still much below valuations seen in the last 2-3 years in the US and in Asia. And so does cost of living…Mr. Trump.

High-tech is thriving and diversifying:

“Since 2011, the number of deep tech startups founded in Europe has grown 3.5x. Nearly $2.3bn has been invested in deep tech in Europe since 2015 compared to the $1.7bn that was invested over the four year period between 2011 and 2014. 2016 was a bumper year with $88B in deep tech M&A, while more US and Asian tech giants as well as European corporates and investors are investing into, or acquiring, deep tech companies and tapping into a growing deep tech talent pool”, according to ATMICO and its 2016 report „The State of European Tech 2016: the future is being invented in Europe“.
Gravitation to economically strongholds and hubs:

Gravitation to economically strongholds and hubs:

For high-tech startups, accessing capital is as essential as the presence of regional ecosystems of large pools of talent.  Ventures are moving from Southern Europe into established ecosystems and hubs in Germany, Sweden, France and the Netherlands. A trend well understood – newcomers such as Lisbon, Madrid, Copenhagen and Dresden will be the ones to watch over the coming years.

BA and CVC investments have strongly increased:

BA and CVC investments have strongly increased:

By 2016, BA investments had grown to well beyond 6 bn €. In Q2/2016, every fifth funding deal closed with a participation by CVC and over the last 2 years, about 60% of European corporates invested into a young tech venture. Having said this, we are still observing extraordinary long decision time and processes to get there…

All together now:

All actors within the European innovation ecosystem need to be aware of the importance of startups for the regional economic power and should work even more closely together. Society plays a decisive role in shaping a founder-friendly startup culture in Europe. Intensive entrepreneurship education and training, and bringing European hubs closer together will provide a long-term opportunity to market our joint competence more actively, will keep Europe innovative and the fear of “the Asian Hordes” at bay.

Challenges remain:

Challenges remain:

A manifested trend towards faster fundraising would be more evidence of an improvement in capital sourcing. BAs, VCs, CVCs, FOs, investing SME and Governments need to continue to improve the funding environment and close funding gaps fast. Unlocking female entrepreneurial and investment powers at a time when shortage of skilled labor hovers across strong economies, remains a must. There remain many challenges and opportunities to shape the world as we go along. What a wonderful reason to meet again soon, in October, at the HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS 2017.

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